Univeg Logistics, in Swedesboro, New Jersey, was constructed with Blue Rock in 2016 as a cold storage facility. This building consists of 150,000 sf and 3,300 yards of concrete for the slab. This job was more intricate and complex than most, it included sloped floors, drainage systems, and 11,000 sf of tilt-wall that were formed on a casting bed.


NFI is a storage warehouse located in Florence, New Jersey constructed by Arco General Contractors. This building features 213,000 sf and 4900 yards of concrete for the slab on grade. Tilt walls were cast in place on top of the slab which totaled to 87,000 sf.

Lot E

Lot E, located in PedrickTown, New Jersey was developed in 2016 as a distribution and warehouse center by Blue Rock Construction. This project included 481,000 sf with 11,000 yards of concrete for the slab. Over 135,000 sf of tilt walls were constructed on-site.


M&O is a cold storage freezer located right in our hometown of Vineland, New Jersey constructed with DRK General Contractors. Here, our team implemented 1,500 yards of jointless steel fiber floors with Primx.


Modway, a sizable industrial warehouse project was completed in the fall of 2017 constructed with Arco General Contractors. This included over 685,000 sf and 15,000 yards poured on for the slab on grade. During this particular job, a total of 9 pours were conducted with over 1600 yards each pour. A total of 144,000 sf of Tilt walls were constructed on-site.